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Be Careful What You Ask For....

The drugs you're buying on the Internet, do you know where they're coming from? Do you know how they're regulated? Do you know what's in them? No, in most cases you don't. If you're going to buy legitimate prescription drugs on the Internet - you must have a prescription from a physician. To ensure you're getting drugs that are regulated by the FDA, use US physicians to get your prescriptions. For those who think that a Canadian Pharmacy is just as good as a US pharmacy, listen-up! Studies have shown that most of the drugs sold from "Canadian Pharmacies" are actually manufactured overseas in India, China and elsewhere. Guess what's in them? Floor wax, rat feces and paint products. Is that what the doctor ordered?

100% of Man Up Medical's medications are from US pharmacies that are regulated by the FDA. Why take the chance? Generic ED medications are so much cheaper than the name-brand. Make an appointment (free consultation)and we will show you the advantages of using the medications we offer. #Counterfit medications #Generic


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